Integrated Generations

Mixing generations provides an optimal spiritual growth opportunity for each person. We value the contribution of each individual person beyond their age or gender. We find that ministering by connecting the need of one person with the gift of another person is extremely effective but requires us to flexible. It is our goal to combine age groups together in ways that are encouraging and beneficial.

Generations Group

A place for all generations. We interact together and learn to apply God's Word to our lives in fun ways. Every age group has something to contribute and to learn from the others. For elementary aged children, parents or grandparents are expected to participate with your children or grandchildren and take some ideas home to discuss during the week. Middle-school and high-school youth are assigned a mentor and small group. Adults have a small group with a facilitator. Anyone is welcome in this class with or without children! We meet every Sunday morning at 9:30 am.

Worship Services

We encourage everyone to worship together. You can do this in the main sanctuary or in the family room. The family room provides a safe place for the younger and special needs children to learn to worship in a more informal atmosphere. Training tools and quiet activities are available. Please do not leave your child unattended in the family room.

Ministry to Children & Families

Parents are the greatest resource for spiritually nurturing children. God has entrusted each child to parents who are uniquely equipped by Him to spiritually nurture that child. It is our goal to provide resources for parents to do their God-given task to the best of their ability.

It is our desire to make children and youth an integral part of the Body of Christ. If they become an integral part of the Body, they will remain a part as they grow into adults. We encourage our older children and teens to become a part of our worship environment - they are welcome to try serving on the music team, the ushering team or the support team (sound, video etc.) Please give the younger members of our teams the grace and encouragement they need to learn and succeed in their service.

Family Coaching

Having a family coach can help you to gain traction in spiritually nurturing your children. A coach will help you develop your own plan and goals that fit your family, your values and your lifestyle. Great not only for helping to solve problems but to make your great family even better! Contact Pastor Scott or the Church office for an appointment.