Connecting the Body of Christ


The purpose of Ligaments it to connect members of the Body of Christ in healthy, close spiritual relationships. These relationships help us to have the support and encouragement we need to grow and function well in the Body.


To love, support and challenge one another.

    • Bear one another’s burdens - pray for one another as the need arises.

    • Empathize and encourage - really listen and communicate understanding.

    • Teach, admonish and spur one another to love and good works.


  • Each Ligaments group consists of three or four persons of the same gender (men or women).

  • The group will meet together for a minimum of 2 hours each month. This can be all at once or multiple meetings. Location does not matter, a meal together is suggested but not necessary.

  • Each member of the group will make a commitment to lovingly speak the truth and to give the others the gift of listening empathetically.

Introductory Meeting(s) (May be split into multiple meetings)

    • Each person shares their life story making sure to highlight the highs, lows and anything of spiritual significance.

    • The others will listen and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

    • After each person is finished sharing, the others will pray for the person who has shared as the Holy Spirit leads.

Subsequent Meetings

    • Each persons shares:

      • One Joy and One Struggle they have experiences since the last meeting.

      • A short update in each key life area:

        • Personal walk with God.

        • Church Life.

        • Family Life.

        • Work Life.

    • Spend time in prayer for one another.

      • Be conscious of God’s presence with you.

      • Pray for anything that has come up during sharing, or as the Holy Spirit leads you.

      • Spend some time silently listening to the Holy Spirit before you speak.

    • Set the date and time for the next meeting.

Safe Place Guidelines

  • Confession is encouraged and always confidential. Information is not to be shared outside of the group without specific permission.

  • Decision Making

    • Your decisions can be challenged by other group members without condemnation or resentment.

    • Everyone is free to make their own decisions - the group is not your life police nor should they be controlling.

  • Vocational Discernment - the group should give input on:

    • Your general call - following Jesus

    • Your specific call - individual mission and ministry

    • Your immediate responsibility - what God is asking you to do today

  • Confirmation of inner reality by a community

    • The group should help each other recognize unhealthy or unbiblical thinking/perspectives.

    • Confrontations should always be done in a loving manner.

    • Help and support positive change rather than giving condemnation.